Lisa Eve – Creator/ Writer/ Exec. Director

Novelist and screenwriter Lisa Eve resides in Jacksonville, Florida where she received a Bachelors of Science in Communications from the University of North Florida. Prior to becoming a novelist and screenwriter she served as a  correspondent for the Florida Times-Union and freelance Public Relations Consultant.  Among her literary works is her first published novel, Unforgiven, which she has adapted into feature film, Sins of a Father. Having completed her second novel, Innate Sacrifices, she is working on her third, Perpetual Seasons, expected to be completed by fall 2017.   Author Lisa Eve says of her efforts, “The production of Replica is an exciting milestone and a positive move towards fulfilling my passion as a writer.” Lisa Eve has two amazing daughters. Her eldest is a graduate of Florida State University and is now studying for her MFA at Wisconsin University. Her youngest, who  is an  A-B honor roll student, is a Junior at Sandalwood High.


Jeremy DeBerry – Producer

Up-and-coming film Producer Jeremy DeBerry, of Yulee Florida has fond memories of growing up in the country, running around bare-foot with a bunch of kids he knew as family. DeBerry said of his large family, “We have a pretty big area where it was just the Henry family and we were in our own little bubble growing up. Our family is one of the strongest bonded families I have ever been around.” Of his grandmother’s thirteen brothers and sisters, DeBerry says they’ve all grown up and are now trying to make a name for themselves.  Seeing his cousin “Shocka,” or more widely known, Derrick Henry, live out his dream on the football field, it assures him that he can do the same.  As a senior in college expecting his BFA, summer 2017, Mr. DeBerry’s goal is to help bring film to life, his own, as well as others.  Being in the middle of the chaos and having all the answers as they are asked has always piqued his interest. In the near future, his plan is to move to California to purse his passion on a larger platform, but in the meantime, Producer DeBerry says, “I really have faith in Replica the Pilot and can’t wait to get started.”


Anjani Pandey – Associate Director

Anjani has multi-dimensional Theater & Film experience in India and  theUSA for over 15 years. He has won several regional, national and international awards in writing, acting and direction, including World Humanitarian Award 2015. His films collectively have been screened to over 60 film festivals. Anjani moved to the United States in 1999. He founded Nukkad-USA Productions, Inc., in 2006. He subsequently continues to direct and produce candid, documentary, events and short films. Anjani has acted in, directed, and produced more than 25 short films in his career. His passion for film led him to resign from his full-time IT job as Senior Security Access Administrator in January 2015 to pursue filmmaking full-time.

 Miguel Scott – Assistant Director

Miguel Scott, a graduate of the Art institute of Jacksonville holds a BFA Degree in Digital Film and Video Production.  During his time at the art institute, Miguel oversaw several student thesis films, as he took on the role of actor, producer, production assistant, key Grip, and script supervisor.  In addition, he also produced, directed, wrote, and edited his very own short documentary called “Wild and Free” which focused on wild animals in zoo captivity, private homes, and other facilities.  Miguel’s repertoire also includes music videos and director of photography at several weddings.

As anchor and editor for the school news, as well as, writer for the school newspaper, his love for film and writing followed him. He continues to write, produce, and direct his own short films dealing with social and personal issues. Of his love for his artistry Miguel says, “ I was very creative. I’ve always loved watching films and writing stories. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and learning from others in the film industry. It is a true passion and I know that my work ethic and enthusiastic spirit towards film production will take me him a long way.”


Jesse Garcia  – Film Editor

Jesse Garcia first started editing in 2010 making videos with friends. With a love of Action and Drama, his editing and special effects skills grew to match the needs of his projects. Mostly self taught, he decided to take his filmmaking to the professional level, taking his already diverse skills to the Art Institute of Jacksonville, where he spent the next three years of the accelerated program earning his BFA and honing his skills in all things film. His pinnacle achievement is his senior thesis film The Man Behind The Glasses, which he Directed, Edited and did all the Special Effects himself. Now 21 years old with 7 years of filmmaking experience, he is eager to prove himself in the film community of Jacksonville.


Aiden Appleton – Musical Composition

Aiden Appleton is a is a multi-dimensional  film and video game composer, who specializes in soaring classical orchestral pieces to beautiful ambient soundscapes. Studying a Degree in Composition and Technology from the University of Hertfordshire, he has composed for a wide range of animations, video games and short films. Aiden has spent most of his life creating and playing music. His debut album “Horizons” launched in 2016.

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