Roles Episode 2


Agent Marris Channing  Early 30’s – mid 40’s

Thomas Crews – Caucasian  Late 50’s –  early 60’s 

Evelyn Crews – Caucasian Early 50  – Late 50’s 

Nana Greggs –  Caucasian 70 ‘s

Donovan Kale  – African-American  Late 20;s – early 30’s

Daniel Llaurent – Late 20’s – early 30’s

Vaughn Devenport – Caucasian  mid 30’s –  mid 40’s

Layla Vasquez –  Hispanic mid 20’s – early 30’s

Mr. Farmer – Caucasian Mid 50’s – early 60’s


Misty – Caucasian late teens – 25 (strong country accent)

Layla’s Friend  – Hispanic (female)  mid 20’s  – late 20’s 

Hotel Manager (any age or ethnicity) 

Hotel Clerk (any age or ethnicity)

News Reporter (any ethnicity) early 20’s – mid 40’s

Unfriendly Man #1

Unfriendly Man #2

Nurse #1

Nurse #2

Airport Security



Boy Child – Hispanic  1 yr  – 1 1/2 yr old


Host of extras for movie theater scene, hospital scene and funeral



movie goers

funeral attendees

Submit headshots and resumes to  ALL IMAGES MUST BE LABELED WITH YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME.  Please be sure to place the name of the character(s) you are interested in IN THE SUBJECT LINE. Please do not post ANY questions on Facebook in reference to casting for Episode 2.