Episode 1:                                RUN INTO THE FRAY  by Lisa Eve

It’s business as usual for the Agents of E.L.I.T.U.S. until Agent Alicia Stokes catches wind of a possible threat to the very team she took an oath to protect. What she learns could undermine the  foundation of this  government-funded anti-terrorist unit, turning a theory into  a dangerous reality of an enemy closer to home than they could ever imagine.


Episode 2:                               WHO ARE YOU?        by Lisa Eve

 After the death of a  comrade, Agent Baumgartner becomes obsessed with solving a puzzle with too many missing pieces.   A new comrade joins the team.  Evidence surfaces that could implicate Deputy Livingston’s  closest friend in the murder of his wife and missing daughter.  Agent Mincey’s sister reveals secrets about his past, while shielding  a  heart-wrenching secret of her own. E.L.I.T.U.S. investigates the sole survivor of an abandoned vessel believed to  carry a deadly toxin. 


Episode 3:                            PAPER SOLDIERS   by Lisa Eve

 Chief of Police, Jeremiah Gordon, questions his convictions after a  deadly toxin claims  the life of a family member.  E.L.I.T.U.S.  Agent Bradley Davies uses “special tactics” to sequester information from  a Xi terrorist.  Agent Baumgartner befriends Agent Crews best friend in order to pry into Agent Crews past.  Deputy Livingston catches wind of inconsistencies  about the fallen comrade.  An ambassador’s son is held hostage.


Episode 4:                        WHAT HAPPENED TO LITTLE MEAGEN?  by Lisa Eve    

Agent Mincey deals with a heart-wrenching situation.  New information surfaces, shifting a murder investigation.  After a van full of dead young girls is discovered, Agent Greggs learns that a Russian trafficker may be the link to his sister’s disappearance thirty years ago.   Agent Baumgartner regrets his decision to suppress information about Agent Crews.  Deputy Livingston deals with the fallout of a decision he and Shellie made while in college.


Episode 5:                        A BALANCE BETWEEN DELICATE THINGS      by Lisa Eve

 Questions arise after Deputy Livingston learns  that Agent Stokes last call  to Agent Greggs yielded two persons of interest.  Agent Baumgartner follows a lead that brings him one step closer to the reason behind Agent Stokes fateful trip to Germany.  After a calculated attack  of contamination  leaves sixty-seven victims across the country dead, E.L.I.T.U.S.  must work fast to find the link.  

Episode 6:                     OUT OF THE MOUTH OF BABES   by Lisa Eve

Agent Baumgartner struggles to stay one step ahead of Deputy Livingston who is getting closer to the truth about Agent Stokes’ death. Agent Mincey grapples with the pain of possibly losing his sister. Director McGillis reveals a hurtful secret of her own after Deputy Livingston asks for a personal favor. E.L.I.T.U.S.  must act fast after a bus load of children go missing, one of which has a medical emergency.     

Episode 7:                     SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND         by Lisa Eve                       

Benny’s world collapses around him after he is arrested for the murder of his wife.  As agent Greggs finally finds out the life-changing reason Agent Ziegler left the team., Agent Crews come face-to-face with a  sickening reality that  threatens any future she and Agent Greggs might  have had.. Deputy Livingston suppresses information he learns about his and Shelie’s past.   E.L.I.T.U.S. must safe guard a witness who stumbles upon sensitive information  after a detective and has entire family are  brutally murdered.

Episode 8:                              ALL IN A DAZE WORK

Interpersonal relationships between the team continue to deteriorate as Deputy Livingston realizes that evidence against Benny could lead to a murder conviction. Agent Mincey finally comes to terms with Bianca’s health crisis and begins to embrace his future role as  an uncle. Agent Crews and bestie Amanda mend their relationship.