Melody Joy as Agt. Kara Crews
Chalet Lizette Brannan as Madison Avery
Essex O’Brien as Deputy Ronald Livingston
Kenney Meyers as Agt. Carlson Greggs
Adrian A. Gentry as Agt. Dale MIncey
Qadirah Collins as Agt. Alicia Stokes
Jordan Jett as Agt. Alfred “Baum” Baumgartner
 Leiza Hartman as FBI Dir. Regina McGillis        
Troy Williams as Agt. Marris Channing
Quavaughn Watts as Agt. Jarvis Holcombe  
Hannah Holmes as Agt. Gabriel “Gaby” Pennington  
Emre Orun as Agt. Theodore “Theo” Adoubi 
Wella McKay as Agt. Hannah Webb 
Traci Newman as Agent Mckenzie
 Noah Bennett as Agt. Timothy Whitaker                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Dean Phillippi as Erek Jensen 
Bob Umbreit as Pol. Comm. Jeremiah “Jerry” Gordon  
 Gloria Ware as Assistant Barbara 
Shail Ramcharan as  Therapist Dr. Margaret Skinne
Joseph Stearman as Benny Veracuse 
Tatianna Warden as Nina Llaurent 
Aubrey Hurm as  Ava and Karla Llaurent 
Wella McKay as Daniella Veracuse 
Chloe McKay as Lauren Veracuse   
Macy McKay as Chloe Veracuse 
Barbara Dean as Vega M. Schmidt 
Samantha Schultz as Amanda “Mandy” Rowe  
Shamariah Neal as Bianca Mincey 
 Ray Dwyer as Jahn Geramuse (Vincent Woehlstrom)
John Charles Harnett as FBI Agent Douglas Kendall


 .                      Featured Extras    
Michael Schneck as Di-Tech Technician                                                                                                 
 David Emmanuel as Security Guard #1
Brittany Bess as  (Franklin Tarver’s wife)
Brady McKay as 5-year-old Male
Joiakin Foster as  Frankin Tarver
James B. Schuyler as Batrender #1 (Germany – Pub)
Irfan Pekusic as Bartender #2 (Germany – Hotel Rest.)
Rajvi Goswami as Server
 Non-main and semi-supportive speaking and non-speaking roles are available to include security guards, police officers, technicians, servers, lab techs, taxi drivers, news reporters, bartenders, maids, valets and a host of others.

13 thoughts on “Cast

    • authorlisaeve says:

      Hi Thomas,

      We held interviews for a production team this past Saturday and are in the selection process right now. Auditions are being held this Saturday, with that being said, I think it’s imperative to have both of these measures in place before constructing a shooting schedule as we have to take into consideration the days we select are as mutually cohesive to all of those involved. Truth to be told, I think that will be the most arduous process out pf them all.

  1. Arvie Witherspoon says:

    Would it be possible to just email you a headshot and a resume, or is it mandatory to bring a physical headshot and resume to the audition tomorrow?

  2. Leiza Hartman says:

    Very excited about your auditions! sounds like a fabulous scenario for a show. Do you have the names of close by hotels. I’m driving down from Athens, Ga tomorrow and just realized I don’t have a place to rest my head.
    Leiza Hartman

  3. Good afternoon I’ve been trying to submit my video audition for the past couple of days now and I keep recieving an error message saying that the box is full or recipient doesn’t exist. If theirs any other way I can send my audition video please feel free to get in touch thank you!!! 🙂

    • authorlisaeve says:

      Hi Jack,

      I apologize for the inconvenience. There was such a tremendous response that It overloaded the system. We are fixing the issue as we speak. Please retry sending your video submission in about an hour.


  4. I auditioned for the lead at the Jan 21 casting call! I obviously didn’t get the role, but wanted to make note of my availability for future roles and featured extras! Also, I am glad to see a former acting classmate, Qadirah, in your cast!

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