Initial Crew Meeting



Everyone bought their A-Game to the table!

The Making of Replica Teaser

What a phenomenal collaboration of cast and crew  at the filming of the Replica Pilot Teaser … magic was made today!




 Replica’s Cast get Camera Ready!


Lifestyle and Special effects Make-up artist, Hillary Warren and Brad Shier create  a picture-perfect cast! 

 A little CAM-araderie Behind the CAM-era
Replica’s Agents of E.L.I.T.U.S (A.O.E.)  from left to right: Joe  W. Nowland, Mara Darrow, Adrian A. Gentry and Jett Jordan..
Adrian as Agent D. Mincey and Mara smile for the camera!
Joe and Mara as Agents C. Greggs and K. Crews