Imagine an elite force with exceptional skills that can obliterate any threat to the United States…but what if the enemy resides within?

(Exceptional Liaison Interception of Terrorism for United States)

REPLICA is an episodic TV drama  about a group of ex-special forces with a specialized talent who form an elite team of operatives known as E.L.I.T.U.S. Enlisted for high profile crime, E.L.I.T.U.S. is a highly-skilled, life-threatening force to any entity that poses a threat to American soil. This group of exceptional operatives who form the elite fighting team are the best, as only the best can wear the title. What makes this TV drama different from the rest is that one of the Agents, Kara Crews, has a hidden agenda to avenge the death of her twin sister, mother and step-father who were brutally murdered at the merciless hands of her billionaire father when she was four-years-old. Orphaned and destitute, she is adopted and raised in the States and later joins E.L.I.T.U.S.. where  unlimited resources and the ability to manipulate evidence and outcomes places her at a greater advantage.  The body of her twin sister was never found creating an emotional instability of whether she is really dead or alive.

Agent Crews, whose presence on the team is a threat greater than any outside force, fights side-by-side with a family who unknowingly replaced the one that was brutally taken from her as a child. Suppression of her true identity and purpose may come at a significant cost for anyone who gets too close to her truth. She will not stop until she accomplishes her primary goal – exacting revenge on the ones responsible, by any means necessary…


Agents of E.L.I.T.U.S. fight side-by-side, unaware that the enemy is
closer to home than they could ever imagine.


Who are E.L.I.T.U.S?

This action-packed team is not all fight. In addition to being a highly-skilled, life-threatening force, the cast of REPLICA also have a softer side and are not always all business, they are family who fight hard and love even harder. For example:   Agent Alfred “Baum” Baumgartner, fun-loving, jester of the group, hard-as-steel and yet soft as a teddy bear, is always looking for love in all the wrong places.  What about Agent Dale Mincey, health food junkie, but not always. Find out what placed him on his path to recovery and what heart-wrenching experience will place him back on his previous path to destruction. There’s more.  Agent Alicia Stokes, hot-headed theorist, also the youngest and newest member to the team whose “run into the fray” mentality might be her undoing.  Then there’s Agent Carlson “Carl” Greggs, a neat freak who is the serious one of the group and unabashedly smitten with Agent Kara Crews…until the possibility of a darker side leaves him battling with his personal feelings for her and the oath he took. These are just a few of the main characters whose personal and work lives intertwine under the direction of a man with a few shadows of his own,  Deputy Ronald “Ron” Livingston, E.L.I.T.U.S. head and overseer of a team that not only has become his life, but one in which he would give his own for.

REPLICA  is not just about a  special tactics team fighting for justice. It encapsulates human experiences, both positive and negative, that shape who they are as individuals. Experiences that motivate  a  choice to select right over wrong, or the inverse. Experiences that define who they are and who they strive to be, while  external and internal chaos creates barriers and challenges  every step of the way. 


re-pli-ca /ˈrepləkə/ - an exact copy or model of something, 
especially one on a smaller scale.













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